Realms Beyond All Forms



The poetry of the earth is never dead.


What would this life be if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. No time to turn at Nature’s glance, and watch her feet how beautiful her dance. No time to notice in woods we pass, in Autumn as their colours clash.


And do you ever stop to notice the amazing little things in nature that are all around us? Or do you ever wonder how many of us have somewhere to go when we feel the need to recharge?


Do you forget the essential fact that underneath all this, you are one with all that is?


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Here if we are together, we chat quietly about the past, sharing memories or talk about our plans, wondering about our dreams, or simply suspend ourselves in the moment just being together in the here and now.


Truth is not static; it is alive. It cannot be reduced down to simple concepts and be comprehended by the mind. Its realm lies beyond all forms. What you are is beyond being awake in the present, the here of your now.


To be here, all you have to do is let go of who you think you are. That’s all! And then you realize, “I’m here.”


Here is where thoughts aren’t believed. Every time you come here, you are nothing. Absolutely, radiantly nothing. Absolutely and eternally zero.


It is emptiness that is awake. Emptiness that is full. Emptiness that is everything.


Welcome to the Hamilton Gardens!



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