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Cultures and regions with a significant population like the Philippines have their own independent celebrity systems each with distinct hierarchies or rankings. Some Filipino celebrities do command attention outside their own national boundaries whilst others who garner a degree of fame in another culture may be considered just as or less famous in another.


There are a good number of Filipinos who have become celebrities in a wide range of ways: from their professions, following exposures in print media, movies or television and in a few cases even by complete accident. In this post we feature 27 Filipinos (including those of mixed parentage) who belong to the less that 1% who have achieved fames, some fortune and a significant fan base.


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People all over around the world sometimes tend to frame their lives vicariously through others especially if those happen to be celebrities. Living vicariously (some would say, living la vida loca) through someone else simply means living through someone else. You live your ideal life internally while externally you conform to society’s reality for your life.


Fans (not the ‘paypay’ type) – sometimes also called aficionado or supporter, are persons who are enthusiastically devoted to something such as a band, sports personality or entertainer. Collectively, fans of a particular celebrity cons titute its fan base or fandom. For curiosity-seekers, check out the Facebook pages of the people featured in this and the other two linked web pages and find out just who their fans are.

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